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How to get out of Tutorial Hell without getting out of it?

How to get out of Tutorial Hell without getting out of it?

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·Oct 9, 2020·

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Tutorial Hell stated as per the urban dictionary

When you are learning Computer Science and programming but unfortunately you don't understand any of the code you wrote down from the tutorial but it works. Not only that you cannot write your own. It is very hard to get out of this and be able to write your own code. So it is hell.

Do you agree with the above definition, or do you have a particular definition of Tutorial Hell?

I feel we understand the code from the tutorial if you ask me.

It's just that we're so dependent on the tutorial that if we're just given a blank code editor and told to write code or begin a new project, we feel vulnerable.

There is another scenario that occurs when we begin with a tutorial that we complete nearly 20-30% of it.

But we feel at some stage that we are not on the same road as the tutor or that the difficulty of a specific concept takes a dramatic turn where we can not keep up with the speed of the course.

Have you faced hurdles like that in your learning?

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Here are a few ways you can improve the learning process.

  • To solve your Imposter Syndrome dilemma or in simple terms, not being able to write code on your own.

If you have not yet selected a tutorial, pick a project-based tutorial, and then at your convenience, divide the tutorial into several parts.

Let's assume now that the tutorial is about building a Task App Project, then you can start building a To-Do App with the tutorial at the same time.

Stop the tutorial when a specific section is done, return to your own project folder and start building with the concepts you learned in that section. As a primary reference, use Google and then refer to your own tutorial notes. In this way, you will gain some confidence in writing code on your own and you will feel much better while starting a new project without any step by step tutorial.

  • Now for the issue, when you get stuck in the tutorial and don't understand a particular topic the trainer is talking about.

    Stop the tutorial there itself and refer to other resources for that topic whether its a blog post, Official Documentation, or a short Youtube video.

    Once you understand that topic, return back to your main tutorial and you will have more clarity about what the tutor is explaining.

In no way, I am an expert learner or have mastery over learning any concept. I myself started to learn code a few months back, Just want to lay down some methods which I used.

On contrary, I would like to hear from you guys, any other methods which you used to overcome the roadblocks in your learning path.

Conclusion :

Now to conclude, start your own project simultaneously with the tutorial but add your own ideas and features to it, and if you get stuck somewhere in a tutorial, close that and refer to other resources for that particular topic which will give a much broader understanding of the topic.

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